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Worldwide spa hotels

As you might expect, choices of worldwide spa hotels are quite staggering. There are literally thousands to chose from, so narrowing down the field to find the right spa hotel anywhere in the world requires a bit of thought on your part.

There are various considerations when looking for worldwide spa hotels - one of the first might be price. At the low end you might pay less than ?50 pounds a day for something quite simple - for example in Eastern Europe - while at the upper end the cost might run to more than a thousand pounds a day for the top locations in Europe, the United States, or the Middle East.

Location is also crucial - and that involves a number of decisions. First of all, how far do you want to fly? There are some wonderful locations in South East Asia, for example, but the flight can put some people off.

Then there's the culture - do you want a total escape to somewhere exotic like Thailand, or is the more familiar, such as America, more your cup of tea?

And of course, there's the weather. Many people want somewhere warm - hot even - when they go away, but there are others for whom that is a torture.

Finally, there is the style and treatments of the spa itself. While some focus on totally pampering you, with everything provided so that you don't have to lift a finger as you stagger from the pool to the massage table, others might see a brisk dawn hike as the ideal way to start the day.