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Spa resorts in the UK

The internet is a great place to search for spa resorts in the UK. They operate under many different names including Health Spas, Health Farms, Spa Hotels, and Day Spas - what they all have in common is that they are a fantastic place to go for a relaxing getaway.

Prices vary widely, but you can easily find spa resorts in the UK that are both luxurious and relaxing for under a hundred pounds. What do you get for that?

Of course it varies, but typically you will be able to enjoy luxurious accommodation (at least three star), breakfast, quite often dinner, and a range of treatments.

Many spa resorts in the UK are located in the countryside, so you will also often find superb golf courses attached, and in many locations a round of golf will be included as part of the package.

Alternatively you might choose a city centre location. While you won't find golf as part of your package, you will be able to enjoy top class shopping, a choice of great restaurants, and maybe a visit to the theatre or a gallery as part of your stay.

The whole point of these getaways is for you to relax, so it's important to find somewhere that has the type of things you like to do. If you know you are the city centre type, a stay in the country might not be your cup of tea, and vice versa. So whatever you like, go for it - it's your holiday!