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Spa travel in Europe

The opportunities for spa travel in Europe have never been better. Both air travel and hotel deals are at their most competitive prices ever, which is only good news for you - it means you can enjoy a relaxing break without worrying about the bill!

Spa travel in Europe is all about finding a place with the ambience and facilities that meet your needs. There are so many wonderful places to stay, the hardest part can be making a choice.

From sophisticated French resorts to sultry Greek escapes, bright, crisp Swedish getaways to brisk German efficiency, the whole continent is yours for the taking.

Most places will offer the basic services - these typically include water based treatments such as a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna or steam room, plus traditional favourites such as massage or mud wraps. What can set different resorts apart can therefore be their location, and the extra treatments.

The principal options in terms of location are city versus country, and warm versus cool. Everyone has their own preferences. While for some the countryside is idyllic, perfect for relaxing, for others it is just too quiet - in which case head for Madrid, Rome or Paris, where you can enjoy museums, theatre, shopping and restaurants in between the treatments.

The weather also makes a huge difference, and is a very personal thing. For some people, and getaway must feature warm weather, as an antidote to Britain's grey skies. Others, however, melt in the heat and prefer cooler climes - in which case Scandinavia is the perfect destination.