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Spa travel deals

The rules for spa travel deals are no different from any online vacation bargains - know what you want, what the full price is, and be flexible. Looking at each of these in turn will help you to get the best spa travel deals.

Knowing what you want is essential in finding good spa travel deals. There's no point getting a bargain on a 4 star resort in Croatia in mid-December when what you really want is to relax on a sun-kissed beach in Thailand.

Too often people are seduced by the lure of a bargain, and wind up with something that is not what they actually want.

Knowing the full price is also essential if you are to get a real bargain. It's the classic e-bay syndrome - people pick up a great 'bargain' on e-bay, then see the same item for sale far cheaper in the shops the next week.

Travel bargains are no different - the ?299 deal may sound great, but is that the normal price, or is it usually ?599 per week?

Finally, you have to be flexible. Some of the best bargains are, not surprisingly, last minute deals. If you are prepared to book your time off work, then wait until the last possible moment to book you might find a fantastic bargain - but you have to be brave, and you have to be open to places you might not previously have thought of.