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spa travel in the UK

The beauty of spa travel in the UK is that you don't have to go far. Britain is blessed with a fantastic selection of spas, so travel in the UK can be short and sweet - that means more time to relax and unwind!

Whether your tastes run to elegant country homes with oak panelled walls, or chic city centre palaces to minimalism and glass, UK spa travel will ensure ou can find something to suit your tastes, all within a few hours of home.

Of course price will be a big factor in deciding where to go, but you should also consider the treatments on offer.

As these facilities become more and more popular, and competition increases, they are forced to be more creative in their choice of treatments. So while you will still find the traditional facials and Jacuzzis, you will also find some wonderful new ways to relax and chill out including:


Rapidly growing in popularity, ChiBall is based on ancient healing arts, and combines scented balls and graceful movement to create a feeling of total and relaxed well being.

Flotation Therapy:

The ultimate way to relax and unwind, floatation therapy can also offer therapeutic benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Ear Candles:

While the idea of having a lit candle placed in your ear doesn't sound immediately appealing, this unusual treatment claims to have many benefits.

But whatever treatment you choose, you are sure to come away from your break feeling refreshed and ready to deal with the stresses of your everyday existence.