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Worldwide spa travel

The options for worldwide spa travel are either delicious or daunting, depending on your perspective. There are so many places to choose from, different countries, different cultures, different climates, where do you begin?

Of course a big limitation on worldwide spa travel, at least for some people, is cost. However, within even a modest price range there are still hundreds of places to choose from.

One way of deciding where you want to go is to understand the philosophy of the spa - this will affect the treatments on offer, and therefore the experience you have. While some places are all about exercise and healthy living, with morning walks, afternoon yoga sessions, and evening swims, others have a more sybaritic philosophy, offering lots of languid, low key treatments such as mud wraps and massages.

In addition to the traditional steam rooms and mud wraps you will find a range of great treatments on offer. Some of the more popular ones include:

Peels, Scrubs and Exfoliants:

women in particular want flawless, radiant skin. Many spas offer a range of treatments designed to remove the dead cells that lead to a dull, lifeless skin, and reveal the glowing you hidden within.Acupuncture:

An ancient Chinese form of medicine, acupuncture is now one of the world's most popular forms of complementary therapy, and is available at many spas.

T'ai Chi: If you like your exercise to be gentle, T'ai Chi may be perfect for you. A great way to tone muscles and improve balance and flexibility, it is also very relaxing.

Wherever you choose to go, you should return glowing with good health.